And the winner is…

Fruit Logistica, the world’s largest fruit fair, is held annually in Berlin.   With over 2,400 exhibitors, 56,000 trade visitors and kilometers of exhibition space, the event is quite mind blowing.

This year Achacha entered the acclaimed ‘Innovation Award’, which was set up to showcase innovation in the industry including anything related to fruit, from product to packaging.

We were excited to make it to the final ten, which was already an achievement.  Other entries included; the first seedless pepper, sweet quince peel, new salad packaging, a purple broccoli, a sorbet machine, a ripened green tomato and a ‘social salad network’.  Making the final ten gave us great exposure, particularly on radio and television across Europe – and we had no trouble creating a spectacle of the ‘pierce and pop’ fun way of opening the fruit. People were also interested to know is it low in sugar, the skin makes a great aftershave, smokers love it as a breath freshener, chefs use it as a pallet cleanser and other things, retailers are impressed by its long shelf life and the skin makes a nutritious, refreshing drink. So all but the seed it used.

Oh – and Achacha made it to the top 3!