Achacha is…Off the eaten track!

Channel 7 in Queensland is showing an interesting and exciting series of food programs. The first was screened at 7pm Saturday 4 December 2010, with three more in the series; check TV guides for screening dates. Called “Off the Eaten Track”, the series features Alastair McLeod, executive chef at Bretts Wharf Restaurant and Tank, a new venue, both in Brisbane. Alastair is frenetic, witty, irreverent, knowledgeable and wise – what more could you ask from a celebrity chef?  And he can cook – check out his Achacha Dessert (see recipes), which he prepared for the launch of the series a couple of weeks ago. Achacha featured in the first program, on the Burdekin. Don’t miss the series if you are in Queensland!

More info here.