Farm Visits

On-farm experience for young and old

Visit the world’s first and largest Achacha Tropical Fruit Plantation.

The plantation is Certified Organic, using regenerative agriculture practices. Join us to see some Australian innovations including two Flowhives with observation windows to show bees at work and facilitate the collection of honey, a Flow Form used with biodynamic inputs for the trees, and a small state of the art Solar Powered Chicken Caravan.

And we have lots of trees. There are 16,000 Achacha trees, 3,000 African mahogany windbreak trees, plus mangoes, soursops, coconuts, star apples, star fruit and other exotics.

Achacha Blossom Honey and other produce and plants in season, will be available for purchase.

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Our Location

34348 Bruce Highway
Palm Creek 4809 (near Giru)

We are located midway between Townsville and Ayr, opposite the entry to Mountain View Eco Camp, where the Palm Creek Music Festival is held.