Happy New Year from Achacha!

Achacha wish to thank Filipe Paiva and Carla Marques from Fruit Ezy,
Chatswood, NSW for assisting today with the draw for a New Year box of
Achachas.  We thought it would a nice way to thank those who have entered
our first draw for a 5 kilo box of fruit and to wish you all a very Happy
New Year.  Congratulations to the winner, Matthew Dunn. We hope this is a
good omen for the year to come Matthew!

We encourage all Achacha followers to get cracking and enter the draw for
the next box which will be decided at the end of January.  Those who have
already entered please feel free to re-enter, hopefully with new locations.
Please send the name of the location and the date to our Facebook.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2012!