Honey honey honey!

Yes! We have a limited supply of Achacha Blossom Honey again this season.

Last year people were disappointed not to find Achacha Honey on shop shelves. Normally our apiarist brings in clean hives when our flowering commences, taking them away as soon as the flowering finishes, to ensure that the honey produced is essentially from the nectar of the Achacha flowers. Each hive has from 20,000 to 60,000 bees; due to the drought in the region, and particularly out west where the bees normally winter, hives were depleted when our flowering occurred and couldn’t be built up in time. So no honey last season.

This season however out west there has been sufficient rain and growth through the winter for the hives to build up in time for our flowering. We had 60 hives, mainly triples, on site for several weeks. Our honey is very popular with aficionados. Our chemical free environment has helped in this regard. Jars and tubs can be found in Townsville stores and will be available soon in Sydney. In case you were interested, it takes the equivalent of three round the world trips, 150,000km of travel, for a hive of bees to produce one kilogramme of honey!