Joel Salatin’s Master Class

Recently we had the good fortune to attend Joel Salatin’s farm masterclasses in Kiama. The three full days were well organised by Milkwood Permaculture.  These included a day on general sustainable farming, one on incorporating chickens on the farm and the other on cattle on the farm. Joel became well known when the film Food Inc was shown a few years ago. The film is an eye opener on healthy and non-healthy farming methods and will shock you if you have yet to see it.  Joel was subsequently named the world’s best farmer by Time Magazine.  Once the harvest is over and we’ve had a few days’ break, we will start implementing some of the things we learnt in the workshops. Milkwood offers many wonderful workshops on a variety of subjects, given by first-class presenters, which provide skills for your home garden or farm.
To the right we see Nick Ritar from Milkwood (left), Joel Salatin from Polyface Farms and masterclass with Greg Krivec from Achacha Fruit Plantations (right).