Ready Steady Achacha!

Achachas are now appearing on retail shelves in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney, a month later than usual due to climatic conditions. With an increasing demand the season is off to a good start.  Each year the Achacha fan-base has swelled, organically.

The fruit originates from the Bolivian Amazon Basin.  The white pulp has a unique flavour which often baffles food experts . . . Is it like a lychee? Or a mangosteen? Or even a guava?  Its flavour is sweet,tangy, refreshing, like a sorbet!

The ‘spot the Achacha’ competition has commenced for February. Anyone who names the fruit shopwhere they purchased the fruit goes in the draw for a 5kg box. Where did you find yours? Join our Facebook and be in it.
Achacha Fruit Plantation is the only registered large scale grower of this fruit in the world so Australians are fortunate to be the first outside Latin America to have access to the fruit.

The Achacha is grown sustainably and biologically with no chemicals or synthetic fertilisers used on the plantation.  The skin can be easily made into a drink that provides a great companion to spicy and highly flavoured Indian and Asian foods or simply any time and is very nutritious too.

Summertime is Achacha-time!