The systems approach

As we continue our transition to biological growing using many biodynamics methods we are happy to report that our whole team is very happy to be working in a healthy environment. We continue to add more and more of our own on-farm-made inputs and our trees are looking very happy too. Biodynamics is about treating the farm as one organism using manure from the cows, minerals from seaweed and seawater and fermented fish as well as locally sourced diatomaceous earth, silica from fermented and fresh casuerina and many other natural things. We are happy to know that our fruit is nutrient dense and very good for you. Also you can happily make the skin drink knowing it is chemical free.

Each year we “borrow” a dozen or so of our neighbour’s cows to eat out the unwanted introduced cattle grass which grows in moist soil. They do an excellent job of clearing out our creek during the dry season, and in return leave their valuable fertiliser behind.  Nothing goes to waste – the cows love the organic mangoes which didn’t make it to the market.

Over the year we have had trials done of the Achacha skins and pulp at the University of Western Sydney by Dr. Patrick O’Dougherty and Dr Ming Wu. Here’s what they have to say in the covering letter to their report:

The Achacha is very low in natural sugars which is good news for diabetics. It also has high levels of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and surprisingly high levels of arginine, orthinine and alanine (amino acids). Arginine in moderate to high concentration can help improve blood flow and other aspects of cardiovascular health and combined with nitric oxide acts as a muscle relaxant, soothing the muscles around the blood vessels, hence lowering blood pressure. High arginine may also prevent excess accumulation of fat in the fat cells. It is interesting that these nutrients can be extracted simply by soaking the skins in water.


From the Achacha team we wish you all a very happy and healthy 2015 – eat well!