The Age

The largest achacha plantation in the world is at Palm Creek, just south of Townsville. The sweet and tangy fruit is a native of Bolivia, where it is called achachairu and is grown in small family holdings. Its journey to the other side of the world comes courtesy of Bruce and Helen Hill who were intrigued by the enthusiasm of their Bolivian friends for the fruit.

”They raved about it but every time we visited Bolivia it was out of season,” Helen says. When they finally cracked open the shiny orange skin of an achacha and tasted the sweet white flesh they were hooked. A decade after planting, they are now picking their first full crop.

The floods and Cyclone Yasi quartered last year’s harvest, but this summer has been kind. Achacha are available at selected greengrocers, Harris Farm Markets and at Eveleigh Markets on Saturday mornings.
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