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Fresh Achacha 4.7kg

A “5kg box” contains 4.7kg of fruit, with 300g allowed for packaging.

Shipping by Australia Post included to Queensland, NSW, Victoria, ACT and NT. For biosecurity reasons we cannot ship to WA, SA, Tasmania or overseas.

Maximum two boxes per order


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The Achacha is a highly prized tropical fruit with its origins in the Amazon Basin. It is sweet, tangy and refreshing – like a sorbet! Nevertheless it is low in sugars when compared with lychees, rambutans and mangosteens. It tastes good, looks good and has an excellent shelf life. Orange in colour, it is egg shaped; as it hasn’t been through a selective breeding process each piece has its own personality with a few bumps and skin marks which don’t affect its flavour.

The Achacha does not ripen after picking. For longer shelf life, store at room temperature in a closed bag or container.

For ongoing supplies, contact your local store and suggest it stocks the fruit. It is readily available to retailers through the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane wholesale markets.

Over the last few years we have had on-line sales to make the Achacha available to those not able to find the fruit locally. Now the fruit is generally available in independent fruit shops and we find we are unintentionally competing with retailers on price for the size we sell – L (Large). As a result we have decided to increase the price immediately to $100/box, with the season’s increase, $25/box, being donated to a local charity, details of which will be made available in the near future.

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Weight 5 kg


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