Sydney French Film Festival

There has been a wonderful array of French Films showing in Sydney in March.  The opening film, Haute Cuisine, presented the true story of a French chef, Daniele Delpeuch, and how she was appointed as the private chef for former french President Francois Mitterrand, a gormand. Everyone leaving the film complained of hunger pangs! As a little ‘extra’ Achacha was asked to present gift bags with samples of the fruit to the audience after the film’s second viewing and Q&A at the Chauvel Cinema. Daniele, who was there for a book signing and the Q&A, was delighted to be introduced to the Bolivian fruit given that her daughter-in-law, who now lives in Paris, comes from Santa Cruz. Of course a couple of little Achacha bags found their way into Daniele’s luggage bound for Paris!

The following day Daniele was accompanied to the Carriage Works where she had a relaxed Saturday morning at Eveleigh Markets sampling lots of fine Australian produce. Here we see her at the Achacha stand.